Water Works

Do we have equal rights to resources?

KS3: ages 11-14BookCD-ROM

This book is part of a Key Stage 3 Geography Teacher’s Toolkit, which aims to help teach the revised Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Do we use water in a sustainable way, or squander it? Who owns the world’s rivers? Children in the UK turn on a tap for a constant supply of fresh, safe water, and many of them have no idea what life is like for people without this resource.

Focusing on the Middle East, Water Works examines the demands placed on this limited natural resource; geographical disparities of access; and water as a source of possible future conflicts. Students will decide for themselves if our current rate of water consumption is sustainable, and how water conflicts might be resolved.

The following questions are explored:

  • How much water do we use or need?
  • Where in the world is all the water?
  • Do we all have a right to water?
  • Who owns the world’s water?
  • What is life like without water ‘on tap’?
  • Is water used fairly in Israel and the West Bank?
  • Is skiing a good use of water?
  • What is the cost of a bottle of water?
  • Will our water run out?


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