Water, Water Everywhere

Geography Goes Global

KS2: ages 7-11Website

In this unit, Year 5 pupils (ages 9-10) explore the effects of too much or too little water.

They compare and contrast the impacts and effects of Hurricane Katrina on the people of New Orleans and the 2004 Tsunami on communities in Bangladesh.

Key questions included:

  • What uses of water are a necessity and what are a luxury?
  • How much water do we actually use?
  • Where is Bangladesh and what happened there?
  • Where is New Orleans and what heppened there?
  • What are those places like?
  • What negative affects can water have?
  • Why is water important?
  • How can we change our lives?

This unit forms part of the Geography Goes Global WordPress website, a joint project between the Geographical Association, DECSY and South Yorkshire teachers.


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