Water for Everyone

Sustainability and Tourism Issues for Geography KS3 & 4

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These free online teaching resources from Tourism Concern focus on water, the world’s most vital resource, and how it connects to tourism, the world’s fastest growing industry. They are designed for teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography (ages 11-16) and they explore key themes in current programme of study: understanding place; exploring interconnection and change; enquiring and communicating.

There are five units in total, each one with an hour’s lesson plan plus an image bank and activities. They are all downloadable from the Tourism Concern website as PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. The topics covered are:

  • Why is water precious?
  • How does tourism affect the demand for water?
  • A moral dilemma for tourists
  • Water scarcity in long haul destinations
  • Water and conflict

The resources focus on real-life issues affecting people in holiday destinations such as Kerala and Goa in India, and Bali in Indonesia. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in making informed responsible choices in relation to topical issues that will affect them and their families, now and in the future.

Download the resources here:



Items available

    • Image (free)
    • Resource includes an image bank.

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