Water Explorer

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Water Explorer is a fun, inspiring and educational programme that empowers thousands of 8 to 14-year-olds in 11 countries around the world to lead joint action on water issues for their schools and communities. It is free to all schools taking part.

Water Explorers are supported to complete water-based Challenges on the following key water issues:

  • Precious Water: identifying how water is being wasted and water-saving activities.
  • Fresher Water: exploring the impact of water quality on biodoversity and the environment.
  • Secret Water: understanding how everything from a cotton T-shirt to a piece of paper needs water to be made.
  • Global Water: learning how water is used, and how its supply varies, around the world.

A range of fully prepared resources are available to support students in completing these Challenges, which have been designed to provide broad curriculum links to a number of subjects taught in all 11 countries including Geography, Science, Mathematics and Literacy. Each lesson plan now also highlights which Sustainable Development Goals the Challenge links to, helping students to understand water issues within a broader global context. Water Explorer also offers opportunities for teams from different countries to connect, again bringing to life the global nature of the water issues they’re tackling..

The programme has been designed to be flexible to schools’ needs, making it great for whole school or whole class activities, as well as extra-curricular clubs. Those schools that are most active with Water Explorer will be rewarded with prizes and celebratory water festivals but, in all cases, children develop a range of transferable knowledge and skills, and build their knowledge about a pressing global issue.


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