On Ragpicker Children and Recycling

KS2: ages 7-11Book

Trash! is a unique combination of fiction and fact, which evolved from a series of workshops conducted with ragpicker children by Tara Books, a publisher based in Chennai, India. Based on the real life experiences of these children, the book tells the story of Velu, a runaway village child who ends up a ragpicker in a big city, and must face the harsh realities of street life. The story is accompanied by facts and arguments which expand upon the complex issues which it raises, ranging from child labour and child rights to lifestyles, waste and recycling.

The book is aimed at readers aged 8-11. As it was initially published for an Indian audience there are no explicit links to the UK curriculum but the story and the discussions raised would fit well into aspects of Citizenship and PSHE/PSE.


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