Tide~ Global Learning website


A great resource for teachers interested in curriculum development with a global perspective.

This is the website of Tide~ Global Learning, a network of teachers and educators mainly based in and around Birmingham, who come together to respond to the challenges of the global dimension. Tide~ run many conferences, CPD opportunities and curriculum development projects, and publish the discussions and outcomes on this website, both as web pages and as downloadable papers.

Their Journal, Tidetalk~, shares experiences and stimulates critical dialogue about quality global learning. It features a wide range of articles, by teachers, ITE tutors, advisers, etc, all published here online.

The website also features publications support – free downloadable materials and articles which accompany some of Tide~’s many priced publications for teachers. If you have even a little spare time available to browse, this is a really good site to explore for inspiration, ideas and deep thinking about global perspectives.


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