This is History! The Holocaust

KS3: ages 11-14Book

These books provide history-based approaches to teaching citizenship. The pupil book is divided into 9 sections, each structured by a specific question. These include ‘what was it like to be Jewish in Europe in the 1930s?’ ‘How did Hitler make German Jews into non-citizens?’ and why did the holocaust happen?

The activities require students to discuss and assess the evidence and draw their own conclusions. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate a range of sources including legislation, newspapers, photographs, posters, a children’s story book and a range of personal testimonies. Students are provided with background information and a structure to organise and communicate their ideas in relation to these questions. The activities are presented in a colourful and interactive way using a combination of cartoons, photographs and diagrams to engage students in the learning process without trivialising or underplaying the complexity of issues.

The teachers’ resource book offers differentiated support materials and extension activities, highlights cross-curricular links and provides guidance on lesson planning and assessment.

Overall, this is a comprehensive resource that encourages critical evaluation of different perspectives and sources through a combination of in-depth and overview enquiries.


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