Thinking Rights

What happens when rights seem to conflict?

Thinking Rights
KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16PDF

This resource from UNICEF UK builds on pupils’ previous experience of working on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The activities fit into Citizenship Education, Philosophy for Children, Personal and Social Education. They involve the use of drama and role play and are therefore also relevant for English and drama classes.

The main aim of this resource is to encourage young people to develop concepts and skills that will improve their thinking about the nature of human rights. This approach provides structures to help the teaching of thinking skills, and opinion forming as well as speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The activities encourage children to be more reasonable, ‘that is, ready to reason and be reasoned with’.

Teachers should decide which activities to use based on the previous learning and experiences of their class. Each activity provides extension activities which can be used for pupils wishing to take their learning further, or for homework.

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