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This satirical cartoon booklet from Survival International takes a wry look at the concept of ‘development’ and aims to communicate simply what is wrong with imposing external notions of development on indigenous communities. It is available free online or can be bought as a hard copy.

It is not explicitly linked to any subject in the curriculum. However it would be a useful resource for upper secondary and post-16 students exploring the issues involved in development, perhaps as part of the Geography curriculum.

Each of the cartoons and captions can be explored and analysed in depth, for example from the perspective of the ‘developers’ and of those ‘having development done to them’. Students could also discuss its effectiveness as a campaigning tool, or use it as a starting point for research into the experiences of indigenous and tribal people. There is lots more information available about these issues on the Survival International website.

All in all, this is a great little tool for prompting classroom discussion and debate.


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