The wealth of Africa

KS3: ages 11-14WebsitePDF

These free online resources from the British Museum support the teaching of the history of Africa and the history of the British Empire. They draw on the British Museum’s collection, including illustrations, photographs, textual sources and research. They are primarily aimed at the Key Stage 3 module on the development of trade, colonisation, industrialisation and technology, especially the Slave Trade, African Civilisations, and the British Empire. They can also be used to teach different age groups, and a broader range of topics, including Diversity and Black History.

Each section contains three types of resources in PDF format: an overview presentation, teachers’ notes and students’ worksheets. The following themes are covered:

  • African civilisations: ancient Egypt; the kingdom of Kush; Carthage; the kingdom of Aksum; Great Zimbabwe; the Swahili Coast; the kingdom of Mali; the kingdom of Benin; the kingdom of Kongo
  • Colonial rule and independence: Nigeria; Kenya; South Africa; French West Africa; Congo Free State
  • The Slave Trade
  • Money in Africa

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