The Virtual Farm Walk – African Field

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The Virtual Farm Walk is an educational website created by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a national charity which promotes environmentally responsible farming. It aims to get school students exploring life on the farm via the computer screen.

As well as providing a virtual “walk” around a typical UK farm, there is also an African Field to explore. Pupils can find out all about growing pineapples in Ghana and green beans in Kenya. Local ‘guides’ explain the farming process and also demonstrate the ingenious, cost-saving methods that are in place to irrigate the crops, deter pests, and keep the beans cool before they are sent off for packing.

In addition to the “walks” there is a teachers’ section with suggested activities / lesson plans for ages 7-11 and 11-13. And a ‘digging deeper’ section includes films which go into greater detail, for example about solar-powered drip irrigation and charcoal ‘coolers’.

Visit the website: Virtual Farm Walk


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