The Renewable World

KS3: ages 11-14Website

The Renewable World website provides a cross-curriculum resource for Key Stage 3 on the importance of using renewable materials in a world of dwindling resources. There are detailed work schemes for teachers, developed by education professionals, together with case studies, games ideas and quizzes. The resources demonstrate the potential of ‘renewables’ for project and other curriculum-related work in Maths, Science, Geography and Design & Technology.

Students are introduced to the topic through whole-class whiteboard exercises, while small-group or individual students can play interactive games challenging them to decide whether everyday products like their clothes, the building materials in their homes or the fuel that heats their schools are renewable or not. For example, they’re invited to compare materials used in an average kitchen a century ago with those of the present day and question how the quest for cheap, convenient products has come at a high environmental cost. Players are then challenged to design a kitchen of the future, choosing from a variety of renewable materials and keeping in mind both financial and environmental costs. At the end of the game students can print out a summary of their choices, as the basis for further research and discussion.

The site was developed for DCSF’s Growing Schools programme and reflects a growing awareness of the importance of renewable materials in developing a more sustainable future.


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