The Colour of Home

Early Years: ages 3-5KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11Book

Everything looks grey and brown to Hassan – he’s in a cold, rainy country and people speak a language he doesn’t understand. At school he paints the sun-splashed colours of his Somalian home, covering it with the harsh reds and blacks of war from which his family has fled to a refugee camp and then came to the UK. But as Hassan settles down and everything grows more familiar, he begins to see around him the bright, new colours of home.

The story of Hassan is told sensitively, with brilliant illustrations throughout. It would be an ideal way to help young children understand why people become refugees, and how they can help new classmates.

Visit YouTube to find an animation created in 2009 by the Year 3 children of Jessop Primary School in Lambeth, who were inspired by this book:


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    • ISBN: 9780711219915
    • 2003

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