The Clothes Line

A resource exploring cotton production and the textile industry in India for pupils aged 7–11

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Our cotton T-shirts, dresses and trousers are made from a plant grown in countries many thousands of miles away. ‘The Clothes Line’ is an online resource from Oxfam which investigates who grows cotton, how it is processed, transported and made into the garments we buy in the high street.

It consists of background information, a photo gallery showing clothes production and then 11 lessons as follows:

Lesson 1: Placing India in the world

Lesson 2: Finding out about India – basic info and a quiz

Lesson 3: Where does cotton grow? map reading exercise

Lesson 4: Tracking trade – exploring trade as a worldwide activity

Lesson 5: Questioning a photo – ways to find out more from photos.

Lesson 6: Before and after – sequencing events

Lesson 7: Matching captions to photos

Lesson 8: Putting photos in sequence – the stages in cotton production

Lesson 9: Oral presentation

Lesson 10: Ways of working – different working environments

Lesson 11: Print making

There is a focus on fair trade and the chance for pupils to think about some of the inequalities in the garment industry and how they link back to us as consumers. The teachers’ notes about India’s cotton trade and how it has been affected by international arrangements are also very helpful.


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