The Cave of the Yellow Dog

KS2: ages 7-11Website

This free online teaching resource from Film Education is based on the film The Cave of the Yellow Dog.

Following a nomadic Mongolian family, The Cave of the Yellow Dog tells the story of a young girl who finds a dog that she wants to keep. Her father, however, thinks the dog has been attacking his sheep and will not allow her to look after it. Against her father’s wishes she hides the dog in a cave, but is faced with a dilemma when the family are ready to move on and she must decide whether to take the dog with her, against her father’s wishes.

Film Education’s activities draw out the main themes of the film and explore friendships and relationships, the nomadic lifestyle, traditions, values and beliefs, urbanisation and modernisation as well as some critical analysis of documentary making. Tasks include discussion and writing work, opportunities to research topics further and storyboarding. You can complete activities with your class online, or download the study guide as a PDF and work offline.

To find out more about the film itself you can view a trailer here:


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    • Film Education closed down in April 2013, but teaching resources are still available on their website.
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