The Arts: The Global Dimension

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16PDF

This guidance book explores how the global dimension can enrich teaching and learning in art and design, dance, drama and music. It is aimed at arts coordinators, teachers, advisers, trainers and facilitators of curriculum development.

The book starts with a discussion on what a global dimension in arts education means and how it can contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum. Following on, there are examples of learning activities that can be adapted for part of a lesson or for a more sustained project. Activities are grouped into three main areas: starting lessons with global issues, starting lessons with global arts and activities for each subject area (art and design, dance, drama and music).

The book also provides relevant case studies, resources and support for classroom practice.


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    • ISBN: 978-1900109277
    • No. of pages: 40
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