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According to Practical Action, ‘Technology Justice’ is “the global right to access sustainable technologies”. Should everyone be able to have technologies that enable them to live a decent life? Is it important that these technologies don’t harm others, now or in the future? These questions and more are explored in this engaging set of resources for students aged 9-19:

  • Technology – needs and wants
    Through a series of interactive activities, students consider their own needs and wants in relation to technologies, then those of others.
  • Technology justice – what does it mean?
    Through a series of a interactive activities, pupils unpick what Practical Action mean by technology justice, including developing a game that can be played like “top trumps”.
  • Technology Justice in our work
    Information on how Technology Justice is demonstrated in Practical Action’s work.
  • #techjustice in action
    Three videos presented by Ortis Deley exploring the science behind some of the the technologies essential to life: water pumps, flood-proof housing and biogas digesters.

This short Youtube video gives 10 examples of Practical Action projects showing how they are working towards making technology justice a reality.

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Items available

    • Website (free)
    • Wide range of interactive activities, PDFs and PowerPoints.
    • Visit website
    • Film
    • Three film clips presented by Otis Deley on water pumps, flood-proof housing and biogas digesters.
    • Visit website
    • Powerpoint
    • PDF

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