Teaching Divided Histories – International Conflict

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This teaching resource helps students explore conflicts across the world. It consists of five lessons that describe and summarise conflicts that have taken place in Northern Ireland, India, Lebanon, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

In each lesson, students are provided with information about the country and detailed background on the issues which fuelled conflict within that country. Students are given opportunities to learn through questioning and investigation-based active learning methodologies, with links to a series of archive images, audio and video. They are also set ‘digital tasks’ such as creating a movie, editing an audio news report, or using images to develop a ‘comic’ in order to form creative expressions of the learning that they have developed around international conflict.

This is a really in-depth resource to help explore how conflicts can arise. It has been developed by The Nerve Centre, in collaboration with the British Council. There are additional resources available on the Teaching Divided Histories website.


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