Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Futures

A resource for teachers by David Hicks

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14PDF

This is a practical book for teachers working at Key Stage 2/3 (Second and Third Levels in Scotland).

It sets out the need for and the nature of a more sustainable future and the ways in which this can be both explored and realised in schools.

Part 1, Learning for Tomorrow, sets out the major dilemmas faced by society in the 21st century and the need to work towards a more sustainable future. In particular it looks at three educational responses to issues of local-global change which will help young people prepare for a future that will be very different from today.

Part 2, Stories from the Future, explores eight different aspects of a more sustainable future: food and farming, energy and water, travel and transport, consuming and wasting, buildings and biodiversity, inclusion and participation, local well-being, and global connections. For each there is a visual scenario for 2050 with accompanying activities.

Part 3, A Journey of Hope, shows how these themes are inextricably interrelated and how, when woven together, they can help create a more resilient and sustainable future. It then sets out ways in which it is possible to teach in a spirit of optimism and hope that will empower young people to be active citizens in the years ahead.

As well as a wealth of easy-to-read background information on the issues at stake, this resource has plenty of ideas for classroom activities exploring sustainable futures. There are also case studies showing what many schools are already achieving in their journeys to sustainability. All-in-all, a great resource to have at hand, for both reference and ideas.


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