Encounter Edu- Sustainable Fisheries

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These Sustainable Fisheries resources from Encounter Edu have been developed in partnership with nef (new economics foundation) and their work on fishing and fisheries policy.

The enquiry-based resources give pupils aged 8-16 an introduction to fish as a food source, the issue of overfishing and what changes need to be made to ensure sustainable fisheries for the future. The resources include booklets with lesson plans, activities and fact sheets: students can investigate stakeholder views around the UK with the short video clips, make a new ‘fishy’ EU flag to show different aspects of the issue, and create a class charter for keeping fish and chips on the menu in 2050!

Suitable for students in Key Stage 2 Science (ages 7-11) and Key Stage 3 / GCSE Science and Geography (ages 11-16). You need to register on the website to download the resources, but they are all free.


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