Sustainable Farming & Development in Dryland Africa

A Development Education Resource for Primary Schools (KS2)

KS2: ages 7-11Teacher's PackFilmImageCD-ROMDVD

Excellent is a charity working in rural dryland Africa to develop and apply the technology of sand dams – enabling subsistence farmers to get access to clean water and grow enough food to eat, store and sell.

This pack consists of a DVD with films and a CD-ROM with supporting teaching resources. It consist of a 6-week programme of 12 sessions, complete with lesson plans, activity resources and suggestions, pictures, slideshows and videos. They can also be used for one-off activities. They are aimed at upper primary (ages 7-11) but could be adapted for younger pupils.

The programme offers an insight into life in Kisuma in rural Kenya; it focuses primarily upon water issues and the positive impact of sand dams in that area. Pupils gain an insight into the daily lives and cultural background of children in the area, and explore the similarities and differences with their own lives.

The pack is available free of charge, however a donation of £10 per copy is suggested to cover publication and distribution costs.


Items available

    • Teacher's Pack (free)
    • Pack includes DVD with films and CD-ROM with resources (lesson plans, activities, pictures, slideshows and video clips - all also available online). Free, but donation of £10 suggested.
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    • Film
    • Image
    • CD-ROM
    • DVD

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