Stand with Refugees – Oxfam’s creative teaching ideas for age 7-14

Publisher: Oxfam

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14PDFPowerpoint

We all want to live in a place of safety with our loved ones. A place we can call home. But conflict, disaster and poverty has made home a distant memory for millions of people.

Use these cross-curricular teaching ideas to support learners to strengthen their enquiry skills, think critically about why some people are forced to flee, and develop empathy for others.


Items available

    • PDF (free)
    • Stand with Refugees Teaching Ideas (474kB) Background information, activity ideas and useful web links.
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    • Powerpoint (free)
    • Stand with Refugees Slideshow (3MB) Accompanying images, to illustrate daily life for people who are forced to flee.
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