Silent Forests

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The Silent Forests website provides background information about the impact of the bushmeat trade in West and Central Africa. Bushmeat – meat from wild animals – is a regular source of food and income for many of West and Central Africa’s poorest inhabitants, but a crisis is looming for wildlife and people. Hunting has increased as roads built to serve the logging industry allow hunters with guns and wire snares to penetrate ever deeper into the forest. Meanwhile, urbanization and population growth has led to increased markets for bushmeat in towns and cities.

Unsustainable bushmeat hunting and habitat loss threaten the very existence of the endangered Great Apes – gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos. However, increasing scarcity of forest and wildlife resources will also have devastating consequences for people who depend on the forests for their everyday needs.

Siren Conservation has produce seven free lessons designed to help secondary teachers bring this topic to classrooms around the world. Lessons can work as a series or stand alone. They tie in to secondary Geography and Citizenship, and A-level Science. Care has been taken to explore the issues sensitively and avoid stereotypes. The resources explore different areas of the Congo basin as well as specific conservation projects under way in Cameroon.


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