Sandy seeds

A global primary Upd8 from ASE and Practical Action

Sandy seeds
KS2: ages 7-11WebsitePowerpointPDF

One of a set of three primary activities produced by the Association of Science Education (ASE) in collaboration with Practical Action for the Global Learning Programme England. Each looks at a ‘big question’ faced by a child living in a developing country and encourages pupils to work scientifically and investigate the science behind a potential solution.

Materials include a PowerPoint presentation, which incorporates student worksheets, and comprehensive teacher notes with links to useful secondary sources of information. In addition to being suitable for the science curriculum these materials can be used in a science or STEM club.

This resource looks at a ‘big question’ facing Sujan and his family from Bangladesh… how can they grow crops on land which is made of sand?

Pupils gain an understanding of what it might be like to be a child in Bangladesh, and not be sure if you will get enough food to eat throughout the year. They investigate whether or not seeds can be grown in just sand or if they need compost to be healthy, leading to a better understanding of the conditions needed for plants to live.  Finally they look at the actual solution implemented by families like Sujan’s and how that changes lives in many different ways.

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