Respecting Rights

Think Global primary assembly kit

KS1: ages 5-7KS2: ages 7-11PDFPowerpoint

This assembly introduces the idea of human rights, and the rights of children, starting by looking at the agreements we make that shape the way we behave at school and at home. To some extent it assumes that your school has some form of negotiated and agreed code of conduct, or values, or Golden Rules that everyone agrees to abide by. These are positive statements of intent about the way we treat others to enable everyone to reach their full potential rather than an imposed list of don’ts, and that is what we are referring to when talking about agreements that govern behaviour.

The kit is made up of a PDF of teachers’ notes, plus a set of PowerPoint slides which can be used as it is or adapted according to the needs of the teacher and pupils. There are lots of ideas to explore, enough for follow-up activities or for a whole week of assemblies, focusing on different rights each day.

This one of a series of Think Global primary assembly kits. The first in the series, Be Choosy About Your Food, is available to download as a free sample. Two others are available, price £7.50 each or £20 for all three: Waste Not, Want Not, which looks at the issue of waste, and Connection Detectives, which explores our global connections.


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