Remembering Srebrenica

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Remembering Srebrenica
KS4: ages 14-16PDFPowerpointWebsiteAvailable in Welsh

This education pack has been developed by the PSHE Association in collaboration with the charity Remembering Srebrenica, which raises awareness of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It explores issues such as prejudice, discrimination, exclusion and cohesion and intolerance, helps pupils to understand the behaviours and influences that can either build or damage a cohesive community, and equips them with the language, strategies, skills and confidence they require to challenge intolerance.

The resource contains guidance for teachers on the background to the Srebrenica genocide, explains key themes and concepts, and outlines how this learning fits into the school climate and wider curriculum. It includes six lesson plans on:

  • understanding genocide
  • the differences and similarities between people
  • ‘us and them’ mentality
  • how to be a critical consumer of information
  • being independent and going against the crowd
  • how to build a cohesive community.

A Welsh language version of this resource is available, as well as a version which fits the Scottish curriculum.

There is also a whole school assembly pack and PowerPoint presentation which can be used at any time throughout the year, but are especially appropriate around the time of the EU-wide Srebrenica Memorial Day on 11 July.

Additionally, there is a lesson plan and slides for a one-hour ’10 Stages of Genocide’ workshop, which examines and discusses the behaviours that occur in a society before a genocide is carried out.



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