Refugee Week 2017 – Our Shared Future

Our Shared Future
KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16WebsitePowerpointWordPDF

This free Citizenship resource from the British Red Cross has been produced ready for Refugee Week 2017 (19-25 June). It consists of a series of activities designed to help 11-16-year-olds participate in this year’s theme for the week, ‘Our Shared Future’ – celebrating how collaboration between people from different backgrounds strengthens British communities.

Using real-life engaging stories from young refugees in the UK, teachers can build young people’s empathy and respect for refugees, finding common ground in the values we all share.

The resource is made up of an overview plus a series of activities. They are provided as freely downloadable PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents. They are designed for ages 14–16 (with differentiation options for 11–13).


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