Raising Her Voice

Music and Rights in West Africa

KS2: ages 7-11WebsitePDFPowerpoint

Explore the power of music with this cross-curricular teaching resource for ages 7–11. Raising Her Voice is an exciting series of lessons that enables you to deliver a cross-curricular project that will inspire and motivate pupils to learn about the role of music in social change. Focusing on West Africa, this pack will guide learners through an exploration of aspects of the culture, history and experiences of people in Benin, Mali and Senegal, and of how music can be used to express people’s voices.

This resource provides real-life information to stimulate pupils’ interest in music and human rights. It promotes an awareness and appreciation of West African musical styles and instruments, and of diversity in West African music. It also provides opportunities to consider examples of how the rights of women and girls can be denied, and ways in which women in West Africa are using music to speak up for the protection of their rights.


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