Positive Development Stories

Photo-teaching resource

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This photo-teaching resource accompanies Think Global’s 2015-2016 Global Wallplanner. It uses 24 colourful, real-life photos to explore ‘positive stories of development’, inspired by the 12 global themes of the European Year for Development 2015.

How do you talk about poverty and development with your pupils? The media can often give quite stereotypical images about poverty, and pupils may receive incomplete messages about global issues across the world. Although it’s important to critique the reality of these challenges with pupils, it’s also important for them to see the progress that is being made. There is still lots of work to be done to eradicate global poverty, but there are many positive stories about how communities are progressing.

The photos and stories could be used in tutor times or assemblies.They cover the following 12 themes, which could support the development of cross-curricular planning with a global theme: Humanitarian Aid; Demography & Migration; Food Security; Sustainable Development & Climate Action; Human Rights & Governance; Europe in the World; Education; Women & Girls; Health; Peace & Security; Sustainable Green Growth, Decent Jobs & Businesses; Children & Youth.

Or they could be used to support teaching of the following curriculum subjects:

English: the photos give pupils the opportunity to ask questions, and evaluate and build on the ideas of others; or could be used as a stimulus for creative writing.

Science: some of the photos could support work on nutrition and digestion, health, and sustainable energy

Art: photos could be used as the main material for a lesson on ‘evaluating and analysing creative works’

Citizenship: exploring our role as global citizens, and our role in the European Union

Geography: inspiring a ‘curiosity and fascination about the world’; an opportunity for pupils to explore and discuss their knowledge of the world, and diverse people and places.


As part of the European Year of Development, Think Global delivered online training for teachers in relation to this photo resource. The training helps teachers to reflect upon the resource, and critique the reasons for using positive stories of development in the classroom. You can listen to a recording of some of this training, and hear some of the broader discussions that were had by teachers around this topic, by following this link: https://vimeo.com/146896812


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