Planet Cork

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Planet Cork is a website developed and sponsored by the Cork Industry Federation. It is aimed at primary school teachers and children who are learning about sustainable development.

Planet Cork explains in a fun way the unique properties and benefits of cork, a natural material that has been used by humans for at least 2,000 years and is still used today in a wide range of industries (not just for stopping up bottles!). It also explores the ecosystem of cork forests, and the harvesting of this renewable resource. The site can be a great way to introduce issues of sustainable development and care for the environment into primary lessons, and also offers the opportunity for children to explore the history of cork, and its various uses.

The teaching resources on the website consist of posters (including ones to colour in) and question and answer sheets to uses as quizzes. They are not explicitly linked to any particular curriculum areas but could fit into Science, Design & Technology or Geography. They are really a bit too simplistic for older primary children and don’t allow much scope for discussion. However there is so much interesting information on the website that teachers could probably do a little research and devise their own more interesting and in-depth activities for this age group.


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