Plan for Change: Emergencies Toolkit

KS3: ages 11-14PDF

This toolkit is one of a set created by Plan Canada, which explore key global issues and themes in Plan’s international development work in an accessible way. The toolkits promote discussion around both the challenges and possible solutions to address these issues. They are well-suited for teachers, educators, youth leaders, mentors, and clubs.

When disaster strikes the most vulnerable face the greatest loss. Often, it is children who suffer the most. During humanitarian emergencies, the rights of children are compromised and violated. New threats are introduced to the stability of children’s lives and existing problems are made worse. In communities destabilized by disaster or conflict, a return to the normalcy of daily routine, schooling and safe places to play, can make a huge difference for a child.

This toolkit aims to help you explore the issue of emergencies and disasters. Inside, you’ll find resources and information to help you:

  • Understand the wording used to communicate about emergencies
  • Get the facts about humanitarian emergencies and how children are affected
  • Be inspired by what young people and Plan are doing around the world
  • Go deeper through focused activities that unpack the issues in more depth
  • Plan for Change and take action in meaningful ways to help children in emergencies.


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