Perceptions of Africa

A teacher's guide to exploring perceptions of the African continent

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This book brings together an inspiring collection of images and activities designed to challenge our perceptions and understanding of the African continent. It developed out of an action research project involving Key Stage 2 teachers (teaching ages 7-11) but includes a wealth of ideas for using the images with pupils of all ages throughout the curriculum. It also provides useful advice for planning lessons or whole-school activities with an African theme.

It is primarily designed as a resource for developing critical thinking skills, and the ideas and methodologies behind the activities could be used to challenge stereotypes or develop perceptions of any country or continent – or indeed any group of people.

The book is not just for teachers of Geography, but can be used in many different subjects and in a cross-curricular way. It is an excellent resource packed full of thoughtful activities and suggestions for getting people thinking differently and challenging everyone’s perceptions…. (I never thought, for example, that a picture of snowy roofs could be taken in Algiers!)

Global Thinking is currently in the process of editing the Teacher’s Guide for a new publication in the near future. To register interest in the revised version, please contact Jane Carpenter at Global Thinking (details below).


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