PACE Virtual Explorer for Science

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16DVD

This resource is based on a set of environmental education films created for the Pan African Conservation Education Project (PACE), an initiative which aims to communicate practical solutions to environmental problems across the continent of Africa. The PACE films show people in Africa solving environmental and economic problems, and are a refreshing change from the ‘helpless’ stereotype. That said, wealthier countries have the power to affect environmental and economic conditions in Africa through trade and their own use of energy.

The learning activities accompanying the films encourage students to investigate positive actions that could be taken to reduce the negative impacts of UK lifestyles on the planet and its people. This resource has been designed specifically for use in Science, but the topics are relevant to Citizenship themes such as global interdependence and sustainability. Each lesson plan suggests additional opportunities including cross-curricular work with Geography, English or whole school off-curriculum days.

An excellent resource showing positive images of Africa, with really well thought-out activities and discussion points.

A similar resource is also available for Geography.


Items available

    • DVD (£5)
    • Price is a minimum donation; proceeds contribute to ongoing distribution of conservation education resources in Africa.
    • ISBN: 9780955568220

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