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According to Pa Pa Paa, school children eat chocolate nearly four times a week. A subject this close to their heart provides a great starting point for learning about fair-trade and taking responsibility for your actions.

The activities on the Pa Pa Paa website explore six main areas: what goes into a chocolate bar; where it is grown (with a focus on Ghana); the trade system and benefits of fair-trade; shopping choices in the UK; tasks to consolidate what students have learnt and activities to encourage active citizenship.

Each activity has a well-structured lesson plan with a starting section, main activity, plenary session and extension work. Plans and resources such as activity sheets can be downloaded and there are case studies from both students and teachers and background information.

An accompanying Teachers’ pack with DVD and high quality photos can be purchased via the website to further support work in the classroom.


Items available

    • DVD (£5)
    • Includes films and extras. Order via the website.
    • Visit website
    • Image (£8)
    • Photopack can be downloaded free as PDF from website or ordered as a hard copy for £8.
    • Visit website

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