Moriom’s Story

Why access to maternal healthcare matters

KS4: ages 14-16PDFPowerpoint

This resource is the result of a collaboration between Marie Stopes International and Think Global. It consists of a lesson plan based around a short film. The film tells the story of Moriom, a young woman from the Kishoreganj region of Bangladesh, who nearly died because she wasn’t able to access maternal healthcare.

The resource takes a human rights approach, the overall aim being that pupils will explore the idea that all people have an equal right to health care. As well as the film and the lesson plan, there is a PowerPoint presentation, a set of images and a table of statements to support discussion and reflection. There are also suggestions for homework ideas, further activities and background reading.

The resource is suitable for Citizenship or PSHE lessons for Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16) .


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