Médecins Sans Frontières A-level Geography Resource

KS5: ages 16+WebsitePowerpoint

This teaching and learning resource for A-level Geography has been developed by MSF in partnership with the Geographical Association and an expert advisory group of teachers.

Looking at tectonic activity and hazards: earthquakes, this up-to-date resource presents a challenging approach to the earthquake option of the synoptic research unit.

It consists of a PowerPoint presentation which builds on contemporary LEDC and MEDC case studies: the Haiti earthquake (2010) and Japan’s Tohuku Earthquake and Tsunami (2011).

The case studies from Haiti and Japan guide the student through:

  • the research and writing process
  • illustrating effects
  • impacts and development
  • the latest use of technological innovations following disasters such as GIS and ‘crowd sourcing’global policy.

Issues around earthquake prediction are also looked at, through exploring Van, Turkey (2011) and L’Aquila, Italy (2009).


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