Me, You, Everyone

Rights and Responsibilities

KS2: ages 7-11PDF

Me, You, Everyone is the third in the series of Lift Off materials, which have been developed for use in the primary school classroom to promote understanding and respect for human rights. It has been written for 9 – 11 year old children by a team of experienced and practising teachers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Me, You, Everyone enables children in 5th and 6th class (Republic of Ireland) and P4 and P5 (Northern Ireland) to learn about human rights and to explore the principles underpinning these rights. This resource complements the primary curriculum on both sides of the border and in particular helps meet the aims of SPHE (in the Republic of Ireland) and PDMU (in Northern Ireland).

Consisting of ten lessons, each of which are structured around a particular theme and learning objectives, Me, You, Everyone aims to provide a learning experience that gives children the opportunity to develop personally and socially. The project partners believe that human rights education has a lot to offer not only in curriculum terms, but also with the positive benefits it offers to the general life of the pupils and the school, for example, in relation to children’s participation, behaviour and parental involvement.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provide important reference points for the children in Me, You, Everyone. Through these documents the children begin to recognise and understand the range of rights that apply to all children and individuals all over the world. They are encouraged to think about human rights and how these relate to their own lives and to the lives of other people around the world.

Other books in this series include The Right Start and Lift Off. All three books in the Lift Off series have been written and piloted by primary school teachers drawn from the INTO (Irish National Teachers’ Organisation) and UTU (Ulster Teachers’ Union). They have been compiled in line with curricular changes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and with an awareness of the practical challenges facing teachers in the classroom.


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