Making a Difference

Promoting Race Equality in Secondary Schools, Youth Groups and Adult Education - a Jewish Perspective

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+Book

This publication examines both the Jewish experiences of racism as well as that of the black and Asian communities. It examines the position of asylum seekers and refugees today and considers what can be done on a practical level to combat racism and develop a just and multi-ethnic society.

It is aimed as a resource for teachers and youth leaders in Jewish and secular schools, religion schools and informal settings, as well as the wider Jewish public and people of all backgrounds.

It starts from first principles of race equality and goes on to explore different groups’ experience of racism. It then explores responses to racism, asylum seekers and refugees in Britain today, and Britain as a just, multicultural society.


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    • Book (£15)
    • No. of pages: 108

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Jewish Council for Racial Equality

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