Luís and Richard live in Peru

KS2: ages 7-11BookCD-ROM

This big book follows the life of two brothers living in Peru. You meet their family, find out about the town they live in (where it never rains), learn about their home, school and church – all illustrated with lovely photos. It is mainly aimed at RE/RME lessons, but there are worksheets, activities and two videos for other subjects including literacy, geography, Spanish, citizenship and material for an assembly.

Although there are no lesson plans, thorough background information is given for teachers alongside the worksheets. The CD-ROM also has a photo gallery of images that can be used with a whiteboard. The book and assembly mention how Christian Aid and another organisation called IEME support Luís and Richard’s family – but the fundraising aspect is small and the main content provides an interesting insight into their lives.

A useful resource that introduces pupils to a family in another country, and allows them to compare it to their own.

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