London Climate Action Week

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14Website

London Climate Action Week  takes place from 1st to 8th July.

World’s Largest Lesson has collaborated with the organisers of London Climate Action week, the London Sustainable Schools Forum and GLOBE International, to put together 4 lesson plans for Key Stage 2 & 3.

The resources aim to build student knowledge so that they can participate in the current climate conversation. The resources highlight how tackling climate change is critical to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (known as the SDGs).

The resources use footage from, the Netflix and David Attenborough series, to talk about global risks and actions, and where London in particular is at risk from Climate Change and what can be done. The lesson plans can be used leading up to London Climate Action Week, and the week itself be used to engage the wider community, or at any other time.


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