Light and Light Technologies – photo-teaching resource

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14PDFImage

This photo teaching resource uses the photos featured in our 2014-15 Global Wallplanner. We chose the theme of Light because the year 2015 has been designated International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by the United Nations.

Light is the ultimate source of life and energy for most living things on Earth. Our increased understanding of light and the electro-magnetic spectrum has resulted in important steps forward in development. This resource features 33 photos covering a wide range of light-related topics, with suggestions for teaching and learning activities, plus links to further information.

The photos are grouped into the following different categories, which link to different Key Stage 2 and 3 curriculum subjects (ages 7-14):

  • Light and Global Development: solar power and energy poverty
    (Design & Technology, Geography, Science)
  • Light in Nature: midnight sun, aurorae, eclipse, weather, iridescence, photosynthesis, bioluminescence
    (Art & Design, D&T, Geography, Science)
  • Light Science and Technology: sundial, lighthouse, prism, kaleidoscope, fibre optics, LASERs
    (Computing, D&T, History, Science)
  • Light and Culture: festivals, fireworks, fire, shadow puppets, city lights, the Earth at night
    (Art & Design, Drama, History, RE, Science)


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