Let Us Die Like Brothers

KS2: ages 7-11KS3: ages 11-14CD-ROM

On 21 February 1917 the troopship SS Mendi was carrying the final contingent of black recruits, the South African Native Labour Corps, across the English Channel to serve in France. The Mendi was struck by another ship and within 25 minutes the Mendi had sunk and more than 600 of the 800 South Africans on board had died.

Through the story of a Xhosa boy called Samuel, this CD-ROM uses the Mendi tragedy to explore the hopes and dreams of those black South Africans who enlisted, examines the way they were treated and the legacy of their sacrifice. It includes a film produced by the History Channel for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as well as teachers’ notes with three detailed lesson plans cross-referenced to the National Curriculum.

In addition to covering the Mendi tragedy the teachers’ notes also explore other examples of black people’s involvement in the first and second World Wars.


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