Lendwithcare Schools Resources

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16Website

Set up by CARE International, Lendwithcare enables people to lend small sums of money directly to small business owners in developing countries to help them grow their business – a system known as microfinance. The entrepreneurs pay the loan back to lenders, using income from their growing business. This helps the poorest earn a living, grow their businesses and create new jobs, pulling whole communities out of poverty.

These schools resources enable students to learn about the recipients of Lendwithcare loans and the different ways in which the international community can help people living in poverty. The classroom activities and resources in this project are designed to: inspire a fascination and curiosity about the world; develop research and critical thinking skills; and equip students with knowledge about personal finances, such as savings, debt and budgeting, and career choices such as business or enterprise.

In addition this project provides an opportunity for the students and school to raise funds and awareness about Lendwithcare.

The resources have been developed to assist in the teaching of global issues within Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PHSE) classes for ages 11 to 16, but they are also relevant for Citizenship, Geography, Maths and English. Resources for primary schools are also being developed.


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