Kenya: Young Women’s Chances in Education

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In Kapsokwony in the foot hills of Mount Elgon, Kenya, girls and young women face a whole host of issues that hamper their chances at school.

Bishop Okiring Kamuneru A.C.K Secondary School is twinned with Bedford Academy in the UK. Head Girl, Emma, travelled to Kapsokwony with her school to find out more. Seventeen-year-old Eglah was her guide to Kenyan life and culture, especially for young women in this region. She explained that the value of education often conflicts with traditional values in Kenyan society.

Women have lots of jobs to do at home, many girls drop out of school after FGM and some girls get married as young as 12. These factors, combined with secondary education costing around £150 per year make it impossible for most families to afford to continue sending their girls to school.


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