Justice and Fairness

KS4: ages 14-16WebsitePDF

This teaching resource from the British Red Cross allows students aged 14-16 to explore issues of fairness and justice through the lens of international humanitarian law (IHL). Developed with international law firm Allen & Overy, this free online resource helps students see the bigger picture in conflict situations and approach controversial issues through different perspectives.

It can be used in both formal and non-formal education and is made up of four modules:

1. Ambiguity of identity in armed conflict – Victim or perpetrator? To target or to protect? Young people and violence, peer pressure and personal accountability.

2: Conflict lines – students view international humanitarian law as if they were directly involved in the real-life situations explored.

3: Wars have limits – proportionality, distinction and humane treatment – using and building on the main principles of IHL covered in modules 1 and 2 and applying them in the context of an imaginary military scenario.

4. Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law – explores the process involved through the lens of real-life case studies.

Download from: www.redcross.org.uk/justice


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