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Ideas for science with a global dimension

KS3: ages 11-14BookWebsite

This booklet and accompanying website from Tide~ Global Learning and the Association for Science Education (ASE) aim to support teachers in enriching science teaching at Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) through developing the global dimension to the subject.

The booklet starts off with ‘warm ups’, firstly by exploring the ways in which science is ‘global’ (asking, in fact, if there any ways in which science is not global?). Another ‘warm up’ uses enquiry activities, news headlines, photographs and the ‘Development Compass Rose’ to explore different global issues.

It then covers the following ten topics in turn, listed in order of increasing complexity in both the science and the issues. For each topic you can download further resources from the ASE website

1. Metals in jewellery worldwide – What is the value of metal jewellery to people in different societies?
2. Global food market – Why are you able to have your favourite type of fruit all year round?
3. The worldwide travels of paper – Why is paper recycling a global industry?
4. Mobile phones in Tanzania – Why has mobile phone usage grown so fast in countries like Tanzania?
5. Malaria – What strategies should be used to reduce deaths from Malaria?
6. Clinical trials across the world – Why are international guidelines needed for trials of new drugs?
7. World fisheries – What can be done to manage fisheries sustainably?
8. Biofuels – Are biofuels a solution to cutting global carbon emissions from cars?
9. Stem cells – Why is stem cell research needed in some countries and not others?
10. GM crops – How do different countries decide whether to grow GM crops?


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