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This online education pack throws a spotlight on the lives and experience of migrant workers in Cornwall. It aims to encourage understanding about the issues that they face and the lives that they lead.

Too often a lack of understanding leads to migrant workers experiencing prejudice and isolation. The photos in this pack and the activities it suggests aim to overcome this and bring about acceptance and increased tolerance. They also give an idea of how an ethnically diverse society can be enriching for us all.

This pack can be used by secondary school teachers or the leaders of youth, faith or community groups. It can be used on its own or with the following resources, which are available on the Bridging Arts website:

  • Images of agricultural workers in west Cornwall and Portuguese workers
  • Guide to exhibition of ‘travelling suitcases’ from Eastern Europe and from Portugal
  • Short stories from the edge – an eight-minute film of interviews with migrant workers and local people.

The back page of the pack gives explicit links to how it can be used within the secondary Citizenship curriculum, but it also touches on:

  • Economics – agricultural production and how it is driven by consumer demand and the reasons for migration
  • Geography – migrant workers’ countries of origin
  • Art and Design, Design & Technology – drawing or creating suitcases
  • History – Cornish migration and the history of the workers’ countries of origin.


Items available

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    • Download from Bridging Arts website:
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