Human Rights in the Curriculum: Spanish

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16Book

This is an excellent handbook for teachers in secondary schools to introduce a human rights education perspective into their teaching of Modern Foreign languages. The handbook is divided into three main sections.

Section one introduces the rationale and principles of human rights education.

Section two is the main section and contains several activities that highlight different cultural views of human rights issues from around the world. Some activities incorporate case studies to highlight issues for ethnic minority groups from different Spanish speaking countries. These issues cover themes such as: child labour; indigenous minorities; Romany discrimination in Spain; and children rights. The activities suggested here are diverse and include discussion, interviews, building new vocabulary and analysis of information from several sources. This makes the teaching of Spanish within a human rights perspective challenging and interesting for students and encourages them to draw on their own experiences.

The final section of the handbook provides information and guidance on resources for teachers and relevant organisations and websites.


Items available

    • Book (free)
    • Order via the Amnesty website
    • ISBN: 9781873328538
    • No. of pages: 80

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