Homebeats: Struggles for Racial Justice

A multimedia journey through time from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa to the making of modern Britain

KS3: ages 11-14KS4: ages 14-16KS5: ages 16+CD-ROM

This is a really excellent and innovative anti-racist and interactive resource of value in any secondary school or other youth/community setting. It is organised in five main interlinked sections: images, memories, people, places (Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, USA and eight key locations in the UK), and visions.

It is easy to use and extremely flexible. It encourages the student to explore history for her/himself, making connections between the histories of different peoples and times and one’s own people and time. Students learn about the history of multiracial, multicultural Britain and trace the connections between slavery, colonial experience and modern day racism.

The teacher’s notes include the concepts underlying the work, further reading and useful contacts, and technical advice including how to use the CD-ROM for presentations and the Homebeats website. The CD-ROM has hundreds of screens of information featuring animations, maps, time-lines, speeches, music, photographs and illustrations, video clips, quizzes, over an hour of audio material, and 200,000 words of searchable text.

The target audience is teachers and students aged 13 years and upwards. However, it is of value to adults in any educational context and could be used selectively with younger pupils.


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