Hola Perú

Developing Intercultural Understanding at KS2 & 3 through Spanish, Geography and Global Citizenship

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Hola Perú is a set of learning resources supporting children with their progression in International Understanding at Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 7-14), through Spanish, Geography and Global Citizenship, as well as other curriculum areas such as Art, Literacy, Dance, Music and Design.

It is packed with fun and easy to use audio-visual activities which teachers can dip into, or follow consecutively. Children journey to another continent – South America – on a fascinating exploration of the Spanish-speaking country of Peru, where they have the opportunity to engage with local Peruvians, both children and adults, listen to authentic Spanish and explore similarities and differences between their own and Peruvian daily lives, values and attitudes.

A range of video, audio and ICT-based resources have been developed to allow learners to gain an insight into some of the people, places and traditions of this culturally and historically rich country. Opportunities are also provided for children to explore aspects of sustainable development as they are encouraged to reflect on these issues in their role as global citizens. Both the slideshow and supporting book have been designed to be easy for teachers to use, some of whom may have only a limited knowledge of Spanish. Target audience and learning outcomes for each activity are clearly highlighted.

The pack consists of a 64 page book showing the Introduction and Part 1, with a USB stick containing a PDF Workbook of all 4 Parts and a Slideshow packed with over 30 classroom sessions supported by more than 50 videos, plus audio, photographs, handouts and interactive activities.

Get sample copies, a slideshow and place your order via the website: www.holaperu.org.uk


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